Short Video News: video editing
In the introduction DJ talks through what the course is all about and gives a little explanation of why you might want to consider using Final Cut Pro X to edit news stories.

Introduction to Final Cut Pro X

In this video DJ introduces Final Cut Pro X as the fastest way to edit short news video.

The First Edit

DJ explains the process of taking an existing TV news package and making a quick edit to cut it down to a video that will work on mobile.

Adding Music

As many people view mobile news in crowded places without headphones audio plays a very different role to traditional video news and often comes accompanied by music. In this video DJ discusses how to choose music and edit to the beat using markers.

Adding Music Demonstration

Here is a demo of how the video looks with the music added.

Adding Text

Without sound mobile video relies much more heavily on text to deliver a story and this video shows how and when to add text.

Adding Text Demonstration

Here DJ shows a demo of the previous video’s work.

Adding Transitions

In this video DJ shows how to use sound and visual transitions to keep pace in a news update.

Covering Jump Cuts

One important editing trick is to cover jump cuts to keep a story short and to the point without the video appearing disjointed.

Editing Stories

Just because videos are short on mobile does not mean they necessary don’t have a story. This video looks at how to edit a narrative story working with an interview and limited visa material.

Improving Audio

Working in real life situations without complete control of the environment it’s almost impossible to get perfect audio but with modern tools it is possible to improve the audio you have.

China High Final Video

Here is the final video from the demonstration in creating a story and improving the audio.

Colour Correction

One of the issues with using auto white balance with a DSLR is they often get it wrong in mixed light situations and you end up with strange colours in your video. Here DJ talks through colour correction.


Retiming video used to be very complex, but with FCPX it can be done simply and quickly. With it comes a lot of new creative options to speed up, slow down and put speed bumps into existing video footage. In this video DJ explains how and when to use it.

Retiming Demonstration Video

In this video DJ shows the results from the previous video.

Animating Images

There are times when only still images are available for your video story. In this video DJ demonstrates how to animate still images to make them more interesting in a short news video.


Once you have completed your edit, making sure you get the export right and learning to use the presets and bundles will make all the difference.


Here DJ sums up everything covered in the first part of this course.

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