Audio: Voiceovers

Sometimes it’s not always possible to get interviews or they may not go as well as you hoped. In these situations it’s often useful to record a voice over to drive the narrative in your story.

Voice overs are a good way of narrating or driving a story. Watch this video to learn the basics.

  • Prepare your voice over in advance either type or write out your voice over clearly so it can easily be read.
  • When reading your voice over smile as it will brighten the tone of your voice and will sound more pleasant
  • Don’t be afraid of adding or removing words and phrases as written and spoken language is different. If you make a mistake don’t panic simply pause or say stop repeat the sentence and it will be easy to edit out later.
  • Ideally try to record your voice over in an area with soft surfaces I usually record my voice overs in my cupboard!


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