Short News: additional video and editing skills

In the first video DJ talks through the course ahead and explains how these additional techniques can be used in different situations.

Setting up a studio

Setting up a studio used to be an expensive and space consuming process but these days with the advent of light portable lights and an iPad teleprompter it’s now easy to create a mobile studio in any newsroom.

Shooting Biz@sunset

News wraps have become a popular way of creating short news bulletins to update subscribers on what has happened in the last hour, day, week or month. Keeping a simple workflow, having a good location and editing quickly keeps them fresh. DJ talks through creating one.

Editing Biz@sunset

In this video DJ talks through a quick workflow to make sure the show can be edited and uploaded within an hour.

Final Biz@sunset video

Here is the final video.

Multicam Editing

FCPX has a very quick and easy way to edit multicam shoots that allows you to set up an as live edit in a matter of seconds. It’s a very useful feature for editing interviews or events where you have shot with more than one camera.

Keying a background

Shooting against a green screen has been a technique practiced for a long time but now with FCPX the process is easier than ever and gives you endless possibilities of bringing your online shows to life. In this video DJ explains the process.

Shooting with a drone

Since the price of drones with a stabilised gimbal has become affordable and the size of drones have become small enough to place in your camera bag, carrying a small drone makes good sense for a jobbing multimedia journalist as it can give you lots of angles that you can not achieve from land. In this video DJ talks through shooting with a drone.

Drone examples

In this video DJ shows off some simple drone shots achieved shooting with a small cheap DJI drone.

Paper edit

In the previous course DJ talked about making a paper edit to save time with editing his video story. In this video DJ goes into more detail about how to make a paper edit and why it will probably save you time and bring clarity to your project.


In the last video in the series DJ sums up what has been discussed so far.