Going Mobile: add ons & accessories

[headline]Add ons[/headline]


D J Clark opens up his emergency multimedia kit and lays it out on a table in his mountain lodgings, explaining what each piece of equipment is for.


The mobile phone has a lot of functions that can get you out of a sticky situation should your equipment fail on you while on assignment. However the phone leaves you very limited, so I always carry a small emergency kit of accessories that can greatly improve the potential to produce multimedia stories. It all packs down to a very small package that can slip into your camera bag without adding much weight.

A small sprung plastic bracket allows you to connect your mobile to a tripod. Essential for getting steady profesional looking shots. You can also buy covers with tripod screws though I find them annoying for everyday use when I don’t need the extra functions.

A tie clip microphone, an extension lead and a phone adaptor will make a huge difference to the quality of the sound on your interviews. Remember video is 50% audio and getting the mic close to the person who is speaking is essential. You can also use the tie clip for voice overs and standup if you need to.

Other accessories include a small LED light to help the phone in low light situations, wind shields for the microphone and a cloth to wipe the lens. Sitting in your pocket, mobile lenses soon get dust and finger prints on them that can ruin a picture.

Headphones are useful when editing but don’t have to be large close back over the ear types if you are short on space.

Finally, power, as much as you can. The phone is not designed to work all day as a journalists tool so it will soon start flashing red. Power packs are essential.

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